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Josh H

How many cars do you tint?

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Ok guys I have been critiquing my skills for a while. I am quite curious, (although it depends on several factors) how many cars do you expect to tint on any given day? If I tint from home, can I expect to average 2 cars per day with little marketing? 

If you can average $150 profit per car, 2 cars a day would mean big bucks. I hate to be nosy, and I don't expect a straight forward answer, BUT.. Are there any self-employed tinters making 6 figures? I am very good with marketing.. I am just getting my feet wet and want to hear those hidden "hard to hear truths about the business...." Any input is greatly appreciated


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The key is maximizing profit with upgrades especially if you are only doing 2 vehicles per day.  $150 per car is great considering the low overhead, but $250-$300 per car sounds much better.  Windshields and sunroofs are also great add-ons to bump up the profit.  I think 3-4 vehicles per day is ideal with upgrades, tons of money without overworking yourself.  

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My shop (myself, and 2 employees) we try to do one car per hour (whether it be front 2 doors, or a whole car)...


Ideally (no way to control it really) would be if we could just do 4-5 whole cars per day, that would put us at our daily revenue goal...


But a typical day usually consists of:

2 or 3 whole cars

A back half or two

and a couple front 2s...


so somewhere around $1,200 / day or so.... BUT... we also have a commercial building, payroll, insurance, marketing (about $4k / mo), etc etc


Here's this weeks schedule (we're open Tue - Sat)


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