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Where to buy Pre-cut ppf kit?

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Well the OP was asking for Xpel, 3M, or Suntek. I tend to give him enough credit in that I am sure he knows he can buy kits directly from the company. There are other avenues to buy precut kits... I sell them all of the time as I specialize in PPF and have all the cutting equipment. I wasn't bashing Xpel on their prices... just stating the facts. They are expensive especially if you are not a dealer...which he obviously wasn't. I am sure some of the other PPF guys in here sell kits on occasion. So I just think there are better alternatives then coming in and posting the obvious. You don't see me over in the tint forums making posts... I leave that to the tint experts.

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but just like OP I am too looking to purchase PPF kit. I am looking to purchase full hood and full roof for my car but I could only find two websites (tintzoom and clearmask) that offer full hood and full roof (for reasonable price). However, I have seen complaints about both of those websites. I was wondering if you guys can guide me if there are any other better websites that offer something similar?


ps. I tried invisible mask website and they don't have the pattern for my car ( 2017 Chevrolet SS)

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