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What is going on here is failure to communicate.  You expressed that you were used to IDS line - a neutral film, and she said 20% is generally risky or too dark to use on IG which is correct.  She should have gone into other possibilities, like Silver or DRDS, but sounds like the discussion was about neutrals.


Then onto the blue max.  Confusion around the blue max is understandable.  The blue max that fits in the fusion or unger handle is considered for auto.  The slim blue max that fits in channel or extruder is what most use for flat glass. 

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On 7/28/2017 at 1:28 PM, ready2work said:

Does anyone know of any film manufacturer that has a 20% film that can be applied to a dual pane window?  I have a customer that wants privacy and the 35% isn't dark enough.

huper optik fusion has a 20%

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