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Stek feedback anyone?

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hi guys,

i'm amro from egypt, new here.

Just wondering if anyone can help with some feedback on stek ppf as i'm planning to offer it to my customers over here.

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its time for me to jump in here and just lay some facts out. 


STEK DYNOshield is not sold in china 


we do manufacture many white box films for companies all over the world, this maybe a film from our plant designed to there specs but without any proof from dennis its just typical internet chatter for now. 


here in the states we have tested our films that we distribute for over a year and have been selling for a year past that and we have not had any of these issues. If there are people with weird lines on there film from us not a single one has come to me to report it which is very odd?? 


if anyone here would like to actually see the film in person and install some themselves for a real world test , please send me a pm or call me directly. I would be happy to send you out some samples. 


Howard Goldberg



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You will eventually see those issues in states like Florida and Texas in one year,  Heavy sunlight and rain is the problem. We are in business over 8 years. I guess Korea manufacturer didn't tell you the truth behind it. Send the picture to STek and I am sure they wouldn't be surprised to see it.

It might be a little bit slow failure process in United States. but after top coating got old and failure, eventually,  the film will have water spot and stain that can't be removed. it should happen less than a year. You can check that your film surface get sticky in few month after installation. The top coating Korean manufacturer developed is a joke, which was used on the phone screen film and never been tested as PPF on car body in the real world. Warning for everyone from my own experience of Korean made PPF.

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hrmm i read the stek pages and they claim "rapid expansion economic development, particularly in China" this is on the blog



And below is from the website. it doesnt say clearly if its dynoshield has howard has said though. I have personally tested this film using a sample from howard and it doesnt seem at all like those photos up here in canada rain, snow, sun

S T E K automotive products are already across 63 countries worldwide. Our goal is to have distribution across the globe.
We started with the US and have expanded to Canada, Middle East, Russia, China and Oceanic.

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