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Stek feedback anyone?

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1 hour ago, blackoutauto said:

hrmm i read the stek pages and they claim "rapid expansion economic development, particularly in China" this is on the blog



And below is from the website. it doesnt say clearly if its dynoshield has howard has said though. I have personally tested this film using a sample from howard and it doesnt seem at all like those photos up here in canada rain, snow, sun

S T E K automotive products are already across 63 countries worldwide. Our goal is to have distribution across the globe.
We started with the US and have expanded to Canada, Middle East, Russia, China and Oceanic.

Stek claims hydrophobic coating, which will start failing in 2-3 month. 

Check your film to see if it still hydrophobic, I bet it's already failed if it's over three month. 

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There are varying levels of hydrophobic coatings and I would have thought it is a benefit that any films comes out with some sort of coating even if its only a short term one. I'd imagine if you want some sort of long lasting coating you would go and get Opticoat or some other coating put on.


I use a short term coating on my car that benefits are good for roughly 3 months.

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If I was a business owner, I'd test any and all films myself.  The problem with forums is that you don't know the conditions that were involved in any of the situations, the size of the sample set, or any agendas involved. 


Give every film a fair shot, install them side by side all on your own car (and family/friends/neighbors)  and see how they hold up long term, before making a purchasing decision.  Your reputation and customers deserve a thorough review.


I'm not discounting any of the feedback shared on the forums, but if the success of my business hinged upon something (like the long-term expectations of a primary product offering), I'd want to have full confidence gained through adequate personal experience.

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Good post Jeff. That's what I have always believed and lived by. I wont offer anything unless I have tested it first and at a minimum of 6 months on my own vehicle... which will get harsh testing. Too many films in the past looked great for 3-6 months then went to crap. I want to install film once... and only once. If I am installing a subpar product if it comes back even under warranty its a hassle consumers dont want to deal with.

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thanks guys for the feed back.


Dennis , thats unbelivable, looks like a faliure in the top coating, the hydrophobic.


Sure i'll stay away and with due respect to opinions on testing before applying, how long will you test?

6 month or at the most a year, so what! problems can start to appear after that then you're stuck with a bunch 

of unhappy customers.


Actually i decided to go with an american made brand, maybe more expensive but for sure backed up.


thanks again guys

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I've had Stek DynoMatt on my car for almost 2 years now (installed March 2017, you can see original photos in one of my previous posts).  I can say that the film still looks amazing with none of the issues that DennisJR is posting.  I can post some photos of my car in a couple days as I'm getting the windshield replaced right now.  I usually have the car hand washed once a month and have the original install shop detail the car twice a year.  All the Stek cars I've seen in their shop look amazing with none of the issues other people are mentioning either.  

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