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Edge Sealers

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Having a problem where some Fasara film installed years ago in a band on a large project is slightly peeling at corners.  Maybe from their cleaning crew?  Project is ongoing and more work is being done now. Can anyone recommend an easy to apply edge sealer we can use now on the new film and also going back on the old film that will not be as noticeable on the glass as nail polish would be.



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I see that happen a lot on frosted bands, seems worse with vinyl films. I always try to tuck behind the gasket if it is storefront type frames. If there is no gasket a bead of clear silicone will help keep the edges down. 


Not much you can do on the existing stuff though, I've tried and failed to "repair" peeled corners. Unless you can get away with trimming it like Tom suggested. :dunno 

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10 hours ago, TomTint said:

Any way you can trim it down past where it has lifted ?

Thank, Tom.


We are trimming the ones that are slightly peeling where an 1/8" to 1/4" smaller height would not be noticeable.  Have been a few that have peeled back too much and have had to replace a few panels.  It's on butt glazed glass and we are installing pulled back a little from the silicone gasket.


Trying to figure an easy way to dab a tiny bit of not noticeable sealant at film corners to eliminate the issue.  Have seen little cartridges of glue that can be put on that way but probably too noticeable on the glass and don't know how they would react with film.



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