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Can auto film be used on flat glass installation

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Technically, sure.


But you've very likely to break the window by using auto film. Depends on how dark the film is, and what type of glass.


The biggest issue is that auto film absorbs too much heat compared to flat glass films, which is likely to break the glass.


The risks are far too great to attempt doing it... IMO.




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Thanks Roach,


As I live and work in Manchester UK I don't think heat build up would be a problem :D


I've recently had a number of requests for installation of limo tint on residential windows and had concerns regarding fitting it.



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The odd sunny day, you'll get them even in Northern England, can cause problems.  Limo tint on residential windows could cause trouble.  There are some dark, somewhat reflective films that would have lower heat absorption and be safer.

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You won't have a problem unless:


-The glass edge is chipped

-There is a condition creating a 50F difference or > in surface temperature on annealed glass


You will have:


-No glass breakage warranty

-Depending on the auto film you choose, most likely less performance than a film designed for flat glass

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I have broken glass when removing failed auto film on flat glass where it is too gummy and I have mismatched my force applied vs blade gliding to spread the pressure - think hitting a boggy spot and CRACK. 


Flat glass adhesive is at least annoyingly uniform to remove... :-)   Not to mention not having a steamer onboard my flatglass tinting truck...  

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