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SolarFX Christmas 2017 WINNERS!

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Hello Everyone, I am sure that everyone is eager to hear the announcement of our SolarFX Window Films Christmas Raffle. Well I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news first is that I intended for the raffle to end tonight 12/22/2017 at midnight. Well......I mistakenly posted it ended on 12/21/2017 at midnight. No wories, we did the drawing 1 day early. There were 2,552 total posts in the Raffle. Now the good news, we have a winner!! And, in the spirit of Christmas Giving, SolarFX has actually chosen 4 winners. The grand prize winner still gets the big prize, first runner up gets a 40"x100' roll of our IRFX and a SolarFX Hoodie, 2nd runner up gets one of our new SolarFX Quarter Zip Performance Pullovers, and the 3rd runner up gets one of our SolarFX "Feel the FX" Beanies. All winners were randomly chosen using www.random.org . So without any further ado the winners are as follows:

Grand Prize Winner, Post number 2545, which happens to be @jh812


The first Runner Up, winning a 40"x100' roll of IRFX and a SolarFX Hoodie is post number 627, which is @W.A.T.



The 2nd runner up with post number 1414 and the winner of the SolarFX Performance Pullover is @Solarbros



The final winner is post number 1118 and the winner of the SolarFX "Feel the FX" Beanies is @Jkatfelix



Thank you to everyone who has participated in our SolarFX Window Films Christmas Raffle 2017. Congratulations to the winners of these awesome prizes. Please direct message me, call me at 800-825-3746, or email me at shawnmvogler@hotmail.com to arrange the shipment of your winnings.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. May all of you be blessed with this season and a prosperous 2018!



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@whitehog  Thank you Shawn for the raffle offerings AGAIN


@TintDude  Thank you Ric for having a place for us to hang out and :soapbox:poke and :grouphug


:beer to the rest of ya filthy animals for making this a great year!

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48 minutes ago, W.A.T. said:

Yeeaa buddy I won:boogiethanks @whitehog  for the gift and @TintDudefor the opportunity merry Christmas to all!!!


Hey @W.A.T., don't forget to get with me so we can get your winnings shipped to you. Congratulations.

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