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Florida medical exemption

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I have medical exemption forms from the state of Florida with me at all times....I do many windshields.....the  forms need to be signed by a doctor with the reason and it has to go thru the DMV  and goes on your drivers license .....it is for skin diseases and no longer valid for eye problems ....some customers truly cannot go out in the sun! I feel bad for them.....

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I'm no lawyer but I have been in this situtation too many times to count. I have a medical exemption from Mississippi and it's not a ticketable offense. Sure, I have been stopped many times and when I travel out of state I have my med-ex with my insurance card. I had one idiot in VA issue a citation but once I mailed the med-ex to the court as well as the audio from the traffic stop the judge was livid with the cop..

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