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GCC Jaguar V LX Plotter 40”

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2 hours ago, Tint Slayer said:

How are liking that First Cut program?

It's aight but I'm not actually using the first cut per say. I am apart of a group that has private files with notes and such added on. We do pretty well in there but there's also patterns with notes saying the pattern sucks. 


Side note I currently am using a trial of the dap and those patterns are probably the best I've seen. Only down side you have to buy their film which I'm not opposed to doing but I can't convert fully too given some of their stuff doesn't meter where I need it to. Well two down sides their windshield strips are limited. I'd really hate to run two programs but we'll see what I decide :lol


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@LA Davis @jh812

I have one for sale. 

2017 40” GCC Jaguar VLX Plotter for sale..this Plotter is in great condition, nothing is wrong with it. I used it for cutting Window Tint patterns and vinyl designs for about 3 months. It will come with both vinyl and tint blades. Original price is $4000.00 I’m asking $2500.00. Located in Tyler, TX. Please text me instead of calling, it’s easier for me to communicate with you at (936)465-0456








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