2007 - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

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Any directions here for bottom sweep removal? I have done a couple 14+ Silverado/Sierra trucks but not an 07-13 yet.


Watched a video on YouTube that looks like I may be able to pull the one 10mm behind the door grab and pull the top back enough to steal the sweep. Is this the case?


What about the back doors on a Crew Cab model? Hoping those are the same. I like pulling seals but don't like taking full panels off if I don't have to.


This customer wants to do the windshield too. Looks like they may be a pain to shrink. What about computers or stuff on the firewall? Am I ok with some water down there, within reason of course...

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Windshield is a little tricky to shrink but doable, not real sensitive to water. Look for cracks in dash! In front of cluster, hard to spot but very common here in Texas. Sweep removal possible but reinstall is a bitch without whole panel loose. So I'd pull whole panel or half peel personally.

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1 hour ago, jh812 said:

I concur panel has to be removed just did one today. 3 10mm couple covers and the door lock thingy. Windshields ain't bad imo it's the ones before that that really sucked.


Oh, yay. I own an '06 Sierra and want to do the windshield.... :sad


Guess I will be pulling these panels in the morning. I like the '14 and ups where the tops just snap back and you can grab the sweep.

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I'm not a fan of the top load method if I can avoid it. Some times it makes sense, these door panels are simple enough to remove though.


I should have the truck for the day so popping the doors open and bottom loading is fine with me. Less chance of me putting a crease in it too. :lol

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