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Some steamy advice

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What steamers do you use , if you do use one to help with removal of old tint ? Brand ? Size? I haven’t found one I thought was better than the rest ! 


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Buy a jiffy steamer... the j2 or j2000 work just fine....  buy the wig wand attachment and extend the hose about a foot and a half to reach back windows better.

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I use the VS900 from justrenewit.com 


Its pricier but I use it for detailing cars also. Its lasted me over 6-7 years so far. And it has dual tanks which I highly recommend so you don't have to depressurize it whenever you need to fill it back up. 

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I have two of the Jiffy’s (they suck). I use these and they have an in demand push button for steam and pressure at less than a third the cost.


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