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Thanks guys. I assumed illegal tint would probly not be good for business. See I work for AAA Towing and recovery. so I deal with multiple accidents  everyday and i never hear a discussion over tint being the cause. If people are idiots enough to blame the tint they are probly the same ones suing McDonald's for spilling the damn coffee on themselves. Lol. 

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4 hours ago, Empire Tint said:

If people are idiots enough to blame the tint


Yeah, but keep in mind, with something like tint, IMO, it would be the lawyers that would look for anything to blame the driver on for causing whatever the accident was. 


Which yeah.... I can see that view - blame anyone who could possibility be the cause of the accident. *Personally* I don't agree with it - but because no one takes responsibility for their actions anymore.... it would be easy to point to tinted windows as to why someone didn't see the other person/car/kid playing in the street.


Which then goes back to the shop that installed the illegally dark tint.... and around it goes.



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So a guy comes to you and requests double limo on the fronts. No problem just cut and paste a waiver found online. Guy dies in a wreck and you are covered! But wait there's more.

Only problem is his daughter now has a Cause of Action for a civil suit under wrongful death claim as she did not sign the waiver.

And the statute of limitations starts to run on a wrongful death suit when she reaches 18 years old. In some states your period of exposure to a suit from someone not a party to the waiver could run about 18 years plus the normal statute of limitations. 

Also other drivers can sue your customer and when they find out he don't have a pot to piss in they name you as well. Your customer can name you as a third-party defendant and technically might not be violating the waiver because he is not suing the other driver/victim is.



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