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Tesla Model 3 Warning

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1 hour ago, DynamicATL said:

I had Travelers Insurance call my shop yesterday since we were the first that popped up when searching for Tesla Window Tint.  They wanted to know if Tesla sends out any paperwork or info to shops stating not to tint parts of the Tesla 3 that risk damage.  Apparently, a shop somewhere in GA damaged a 3 and they wanted to see if we are warned by Tesla.

Sounds like someone has a massive headache/ :poop storm on their hands


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I thought about doing that too, but now I am seeing a common issue with their rear window breaking due to stress.  This can just happen for no reason and a bunch of people has had to warranty it.  The rear glass is two thin layers sandwiched together.  Every time I think stop being a b!tch and just do them, I find out more design issues.  Hell no, find another shop.

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