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Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

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5 hours ago, Bham said:

I really think people troll us just to get reactions out of us. :twocents  



4 hours ago, TintDude said:

Troll was my first thought too. 


Even if not, I don't want to beat this dead horse again. :deadhorse 


I am not trolling! I have had a 10% windshield for a month now and I got used to driving with it at night. I am seriously considering going darker, as you can still see interior bits in some circumstances with 10%. In any case.


 I will be posting a video of me driving at night, just to further prove that I'm not a troll.

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I do know I’ve seen a lot of people in some various other countries that always have their windshields in limo, for a number of different reasons. (Mostly security)

I have no idea what the laws were there, but IMO it’s just too dark! 

The install quality was very low, (trash,creases). Didn’t seem to bother them at all. Makes me wonder about customers that complain (with 80%) about an imaginary mark or halo you can only see if the sun is in the right angle and you hold your head a certain way!

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Last install on this.  


@WatchingYou  Respectfully,,,,, please stop.  You already know you aren't going to get the answers you want.  You already have been told by others in other places the TRUTH OF THE SITUATION, yet you refuse to listen.   Please do not make a video to try to prove anything and please move on to somewhere else with this situation.  You are in the wrong place here to try to get the improper answers you are looking for.  Thank you and Have a Nice Day.  Move along.  

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