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Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

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I am debating wether I should take it up a notch, and tint my windshield 5%, or just keep my current setup, looking for insight from experienced folks.



My current setup is:

-5% Xpel prime XR on the sides

-50% over 20% on the windshield

-Double 5% on the back window


Here are some pictures:





Needless to say, I was told by my buddies, and the internet that this would be a ridiculous setup, and that driving at night would be a public safety hazard, an exercise in masochism, and bla bla...But as in turned out, it wasn't an issue at all thanks to the amazing phenomenon of eye adaptation, a combination of brain-conditioning and extra pupil-dilation. Also, my bright HIDs are certainly appreciated. 


What's left for me to wonder is, should I take it up a notch, and make my windshield 5%? Do you think it would stretch the limit of eye-adaptation, or is it doable? Are some of you experienced with such extreme setups? 

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5 minutes ago, blackoutauto said:

You must have night vision like Vin diesel in the movie pitch black. 

Not gonna lie, I did actually train myself. Untangling ropes in dark rooms is very effective I found.

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