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What setup do you use to cut safety film on site?

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16 minutes ago, Tint Eastwood said:



Way back when I worked for another company I cut every job onsite out of the box. Would use olfa blade for 1-4 mil and scraper blades for anything above 4 mil. If it still wanted to walk the blade I'd double or triple up the blade so it was a little stiffer. Eventually I started using the aluminum channel on the box edge for better chop cut and helped hold the blade a little better.


Been using the film handler for close to 10 years now, only cut out of the box when I absolutely have to.   

That's funny, I was just shopping U-channels for box cutting online! 


We've got a couple of film handlers, but find ourselves in plenty of situations where box cutting ends up being the more (seemingly) practical method. Lol I've done some pretty goofy things to keep an olfa from bending during pulls over the years, but never put much thought into other blades (aside from the larger olfas). Thanks!

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On 12/31/2018 at 11:22 AM, gimpy said:

What is wrong with cutting out of the box?

I use a standard Olfa blade for 2 mil and a 4" scraper blade for 6 mil+. Width plus 1".

I rarely attempt to cut the width perfectly as truly square window frames are uncommon.

Also widths can vary from window to window by 1/4 to 1/8.

Once you know how to cut corners properly, edge cutting is easy.


Tons of guys use variations of the  blade through the box method and it works .

I used the 1" olfa handle  with black carbon blades  in it.


I cannot locate a photo of the awesome purple heart worthy photo of a former installers leg with a 12"ish  gash down his leg at the knee from when he "lost balance " getting up from a prolonged pull session when he had used only the blade without a handle.


If you are gonna pull outta the box FFS cover the effing blade protruding out of the box and keep the box in an area where it is not in a traveled area.

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:yeah   , crisscross some tape around the back of the handle , tape it to the box , it will stabilize the blade 

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