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Best tools for back glass

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I know everyone has different tools so tell me what works best for you.  I'm learning the back glass with a side swiper and it just doesn't feel comfy in my hand.  What do y'all use?  

Note: I'm a female with little hands so the SS handle feels bulky

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I always keep a bulldozer, reach, and a titan handy. Those will pretty much cover any hard to reach places on the bottoms of back windows. Also, you could try the stroke doctor. It’s similar to the side swiper, but you may be able to get more leverage with that one.

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5 minutes ago, Apex Tint said:

What's the tool called in the middle?  Not sure I've ever seen that one before.  I'm always looking to try new tools!


That's a specially built, custom made, TOP SECRET new tool, designed by @jh812 himself.   :bling   


They are expensive,, but if you ask nicely, he will sell you one on the cheap. :money  

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:lol that right there my friend is the cheapest best tool for cleaning the bottom of back glasses. 2 dollars each last forever and are customizable, just cut it to what you like. Y'all keep that reach and Titan I'll take these :spit



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5 hours ago, Apex Tint said:

[mention=29693]jh812[/mention] Awesome idea man. I just cut one down about the size of the Tri Edge X. Can’t wait to try it out on some roll ups!




You know what that's not a bad idea. I'm gonna try that tomorrow as well.

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