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2019 Jetta

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Very Easy car. It is similar to a Passat, but you don't need a screwdriver or need to remove any trim panels as the tops pop up and out of the seals like other VWs.


Only thing to watch out for is the panels are clad, like a new F150, so need to be careful you don't pull the cladding off the panel. It feels like they are held on by weak plastic welds.

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Have to fold down the rear seatbacks to tint rear glass because of integrated headrests, but we can't get the rear deck center seatbelt to unwind to put the seat back up. Anyone know how to unlock the belt so it will allow more belt to come out. Owners manual says it locks like that for child seat use and must be disengaged for normal use again, but they don't tell ya how to disengage it, at least I can't find it. Never had issues with any other years on the jetta with this.

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