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Super Dave

2019 Porsche Cayenne

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Got to see it up close this week, although I did not tint it yet. If your not familiar with Porsche, and you plot your window tint, it will appear that the previous yrs kit will work. The vehicle is pretty similar to the older models, and the windows are all in the same shape. Do Not Plot the older model, all the windows have been changed. The front doors are shorter in length and a bit taller. Back doors are about 1 in wider and taller. The rear 1/4’s are smaller and they made those little front 1/4’s bigger. Also the door panels resemble the Panamera now, with the Torx screws behind the trim piece. Looks to be a 1 piece gasket all the way around, but it does have a felt strip across the bottom.

I’ll post again when I get to pull it apart and tint it. 

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