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small white bubbles under tint, where did i go wrong?

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I think it very well may be improper squeegee use along with cleaning which is technically hand and hand. When you squeegee the film on glass, do you do a final hard squeegee pass? Meaning if you place film and squeegee do you roll the window down and do a hard squeegee with a red turbo or blue max doing overlapping passes? Those imperfections could be trash but they can also occur during improper squeegee and or not uniformly passes

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the bubbles can be from many different issues from prep to water or airborne.


Prep.   side windows I use stainless razor blades with a small plastic holder.  stainless you can use for days or even weeks and won't rust.  they let you "hear" the dirt or imperfections on the glass as you listen.  glass is not smooth and can have unoticed scratches or pits that will show when the film dries.  Bg's I use a white or blue scrubby pad,  the more aggressive ones can scratch the glass.  always squeegee sideways border to border overlapping to insure all debris is removed.  flush the sides where you can not squeegee  and rinse bottom of BG.  squeegeeing bottom of BG can make dirt fly up off rear deck.


Solution.  if the water is bad the debris would be in all windows,  small fuel filter for lawn mower or filtered water cures this.


airborne.  mist interior of vehicle to keep dust down on dirty cars,  dirt will come up off seats or from headliner as you crawl in and out.  wet floor to keep dust from flying up as you walk around vehicle,  if the car is dirty mist exterior as well.  I don't wash cars  LOL,  will rinse my solution off when i am done.   Garages and shops can be dirty and dusty.  I have been in some where it looked like it was snowing from all the dust flying around.  I purchased a few 20x20 box fans for $20 each.  I bought 20x20 HP4 furnace filters to put on the intake side.  I run the fan or fans while I cut and shrink,  turn them off to hang the film.  was really amazing how fast they cleaned the air and how fast the filters clogged up in the nasty shops.


Attire.   Under armour or other lint free shirts help and keep you cooler and drier,  in the winter I put them over my normal shirt.  BDU's are water resistant and fairly lint free.  I used to buy 6 pair of jeans every 6 months,  BDU's last for years from local army surplus.  water prood shoes with no metal eyelets like merrell's cost a bit more but last and save your feet


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