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Question regarding film quality. 

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I have been tinting automotive for 5 years now and have done commercial twice, first time I helped someone and second time I tinted 4 105 in. X 95in. Windows they are big. I decided to tint them myself since I didn't have no one to help me and this is a returning customer that needed them done today. I order the material from SolarFree since they're closest to me. I saw on YouTube "how to" videos and on many seemed to be able to peel the liner off with ease. So this material from SolarFree had the toughest liner ever, I had to pull on it hard to get to peel, It made my life hard and I'm very familiar with the reverse roll method. Is this normal for commercial film or is this indication of low quality material and should stay away from them? 


Thanks in advance. 

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I've never heard of SolarFree, so I'm gonna say it's a low quality film.


Liner release has been all over the place - depending on the manu. Some come off really easy, others a bit tougher, but they all have come off without much trouble.... I've never used a film and thought to myself - "wow that liner was hard to remove."





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