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Easy Money! On the coupe anyway. The back glass on the spyder model can be a PITA the first time you do one. I am a bottom loader, but on these, I don’t take anything apart. The doors slide under the seal pretty easy. I generally don’t go too far below them though. If you like it to go pretty far down, you may want to pull the panel. I just cover the panel. (If it’s suede)

also cut all the 1/4’s real close, they can be pretty tight on some of them. If you get the spyder, and find a way to get the back glass to roll up, while the top is down, please let me know. I haven’t figured out a way to do it yet. Other than that, it’s one of the easier cars to tint. Hope this helps.

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On the spyder back glass, I just made a pattern with a clear liner- there’s no real room with the top closed so it took a few try’s to get a great top edge. 

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I did a coupe on Friday...Just like superdave said...shrink rear quarters and doors..very little shrink and no need to pull panel...slides down nicely. On the coupe the front quarters are tight to get into but no issues. 


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