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Exterior film for south facing windows

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I've been looking online to try and find answers, but figured this is the best place to come for help. Hoping someone can give some advice on our issue. We have a 12'x7' casement window facing south, which lets in a lot of light and heat. Due to the windows being triple pane, we're limited to exterior film and I think 3M Prestige Exterior is the only thing that is really available out here for that type of film (we're in a smaller city). The windows have a nice lake view that we really don't want to cover up with solar shades, though we will if we have to - perhaps a combination of film and darker roller shades with a decent openness.


It looks like the SHGC reduction of Prestige Exterior 40 is good (due to it being an exterior film).


What we're wondering is if 40% VLT give us somewhat acceptable glare reduction? It's listed at around 55% glare reduction. I don't know how to quantify this, but curious if this will make much of a difference. Due to triple pane, we're already starting out a bit darker than a double pane (perhaps by 6% or so).


Thanks in advance

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With a combination of shades I'd say the 40 would be good. Just that alone though imo no it doesn't reduce it a ton. You really need to be more in the 25% range to get a noticable reduction in glare if you have a good amount of sunlight coming in. Doesn't sound like that's an option for you however. Another option to look into would be solar screens that can be fastened to the exterior portion of your home. They will reduce heat and glare coming in without any risk to the existing window. Here's an example of one I built. 


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JH is spot on. You wanna try and be around the 25% mark or darker. They come up with the 55% by using math... which I don't doubt as being accurate, but in real world application, it's not gonna help a ton.



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JH pretty much spelled it out. Prestege would be a good selection in terms of moderate glare and heat control.


An alternative film to look at would be sold by HanitaTekUSA, if they are even under that name today (heard they were bought by another player). Hanita has the largest selection of exterior film products and under laboratory accelerated weathering tests they held up very well.



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