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green hued commercial film

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Hi everyone. I need some advice, and direction to track down some commercial film with a green"ish hue to it. The local hockey rink had a window smashed out by a flying piece of concrete from a jackhammer this summer. The glass was Curtainwall glazing Dual pane 1" OD 6mm B2-B20 Green tint tempered. 6mm Tie Low E annealed. The glass company is no longer in business, and the rink officials are looking to me, to see if I can find a tint to come close to the rest of the panes. Any ideas where to start looking? I'm not a big commercial guy, I am 95% automotive tinter. 

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I don't know if this would help - it's more a green film then a greenish hue... But www.coloredfilms.com has various colored films. They have a spearmint - 6340 - that is kindof subtle. :dunno




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