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New cainsaw

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I am looking to buy a new chainsaw. In my backyard there are some bad  trees on it and I would like to cut  them and plant new ones. Does anyone have any experience with chainsaws and can give some tips?

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You realize that this is a window tinting forum right? You will likely have better luck with your question on a forum geared more towards outdoor power equipment or yard work/home improvement.

Maybe give one of these a shot:



For what it's worth I have a Poulan that works for smaller stuff but it's pretty finicky and in hindsight I wish I had spent more money for a better saw.

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I would recommend you one from Stihl. Have one myself and am very satisfied. Changing the chains and cleaning the air filter are quite easy. The saws are extremely robust and the price is also ok.  My saw has a 370er sword which is completely sufficient for me: I can always if if necessary saw  from both sides into the tree, and double the cutting power. 
You can look on the site Site, There are various chain saw presented, and some good reviews. You will definitely find a suitable chainsaw for your needs.
Its also good to ask for some expert advise in a store.
Hope I could help!

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