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Best Software to cut pre cut PPF?

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Hi guys,

What is the best possible software to cut pre cut PPF? Which program do you recommend for most car models? Important to Europe cars too.

Is interested primarily to cut Rear bumper deck to cars.

Recommendations please?

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DAP from Xpel is the best I believe.  I've used others before.  DAP is very user friendly and easy to manipulate patterns for your fit (wrapping edges etc.)  I do think they cover too much in unnecessary areas which can make installing more of a pain.   It is expensive, but they have the most kits and the latest vehicles.  Rear bumper kits might be a stretch on common cars though.  Top priority kits get designed first which are front end impact and full exotic/race/expensive vehicles.  

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@tintswe, PM me your contact info and I'll have our Eurpoean office reach out with a free trial of the Design Access Program (DAP) software.  We look forward to earning your business!


@Tintpro1911, we appreciate the kind words.  You're right that sometimes the kits are a bit overboard, but we'd rather err on the side of overengineering.  If we cut back coverage, every detail shop in the world lets us know about it. 


Let us know if you ever need help in learning to dial back the coverage a little bit in your program so that you can save them just how you like them.

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During the 3 1/2 years running the Xpel Austin installation, I have acquired the experience to modify any pattern. lol.   Problem is, you don't know where you need to modify until its being installed, which then it's too late.    All my saved patterns got erased by someone...  Oh well.

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3 hours ago, M Shine Club said:

I'm not use Xpel PPF.I never try DAP and i very interested DAP i heard of DAP is the best of PPF cutting software.How do i try this software 


If you can PM me your contact info, I will have an XPEL representative reach out with info about the DAP.

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Guest Guest

Hellow Jeff, 

Can i ask you abot DAP software from Xpel?  How it works and how is about payments. 

Can you please contact me to my private email: tomaskralka.klaxon AT gmail.com


Thanks for your answer


Have a nice day. 


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