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Tesla Model 3 Suntek Ultra Ppf w Trucut

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All of precisioncut and trucut patterns are starting to look really good ever since they started to make there own patterns and mandatory test-fitting in house instead of buying third party patterns. Wrap options for any edge now as well.

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How was the TruCut pattern fitment for the Model 3? And was there a full car pattern available? Whats your feedback on it?

I just did a 2/3 PPF wrap on one yesterday with PremiumShield film/patterns. 



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In my opinion, the NEWER Trucut patterns are spot on. They are the ones with the RED numbers on them showing you the tack pattern.  Not sure if they have updated all of them yet, but they have been working on it, I notice new patterns daily. For the Model 3, was perfect. Accounts for the stretch nicely. 

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On 10/4/2018 at 3:42 PM, LeSnootback said:

2018 Tesla Model 3

Suntek Ultra

Plotted with TruCut

30in hfm & bumper & headlights & fogs

Opticoat ceramic coating







I would work on your alignment from hood line to fender. When you are not doing a full front end, it's one of the first things customers will notice when it doesn't match up. 

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