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Tesla Model 3 Suntek Ultra Ppf w Trucut

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6 hours ago, pbalentine said:

I have custy that just got full ppf on tesla 3.  The cut outs for the small circles in the front bumper are pretty uneven. Is this normal??

Normal as in common or normal as in acceptable? Those could be two very different things. Without pics to see what's going on exactly it's hard to say what the ultimate issue is. Generally I don't cut out around that style of sensor(flush) and it's never caused an issue. If it's a computer cut pattern they could have stretched across the cut out portion and caused it to distort during the application, or I've also seen patterns that had more of an oval cutout to start with. Just depends. If it's hand cut the installer may just be lacking in fine knife skills. 

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On 10/26/2018 at 8:27 AM, LeSnootback said:

Trucut Model 3 available patterns


You’re welcome :)  and those are not the newest patterns available. There’s 5 bumpers now and some more additional pieces. I had them put in. Along w making some of the existing patterns a little tighter. 

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