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Paint protection Film Spray ?!

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Hi guys 


I'm looking online and I found a few companies that offer paint protection film spray.



What do you think about this product compare to regular PPF ? Durability against scratch, stone chip ... ? Orange peel effect ? 



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They're tricky, at least the one I have experience with. They don't have the clarity of a film, orange peel can be an issue, and if you need to correct an issue it doesn't peel off like a film, you have to sand it. As far as durability it seems to hold up decently, although I haven't been able to follow as closely as I would like to have. 

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It's been done before and failed. Won't be as consistent and reliable as film is. Plus, you spend more time taping down the areas you don't want covered than you do installing. Turnaround time for film install will also be faster.

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