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Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

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2 hours ago, pbalentine said:

JH, have you tried pushing to clean with the redline?? Still looking for what glides best for cleaning the bg and windshield.

No I haven't tried that as of yet. You know something though I started using the 8 inch blue max for cleaning and installing the back glass and windshield. Man that's a life changer there. I currently have the hybrid blade in it just cause I didn't have anything else. That one works pretty good though. 

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Yeah, I got the 8” too. I trimmed it to about 7 inches and use it install.  Got a 6” clear for bgs and 6” orange in the hand tool for rollups. Just about broke that hand holder tool one time, but love it now!  Key to it is to back hand it, instead doing the slap motion. 

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