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Suntek's new 72" rolls

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Wow, a little sensitive Supreme. No coffee today?


It's been a while since I posted on tintdude, and this is exactly why!


I was not firing any shots. I have been in this industry for 18+ years and know all senior managers at all of the major players. I'd like to say I get along with all of them, and I am not here to disparage anyone. I never have.


I was only posting for installers out there not to expect too much right out of the gate. From us, or ANY manufacturer, because the raw TPU will be very hard to make. Nothing more, nothing less.





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Sorry but it came across as sour grapes with comments that weren't needed, nothing to do with me being sensitive. Maybe reread your first too unnecessary lines instead of blaming others for why you don't post.


So bottom line is guys, Suntek announced 72" rolls are on their way. Others apparently haven't them to but 3 months is too early to start marketing. Enjoy them from whoever you get them from but apparently they will have issue.


Enjoy your installs, I'm off to get a coffee.

Edited by Supreme
no point argueing

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I agree with Supreme, the way you came across was sour grapes.  Funny you say why market it when there's still 3 months to go, well it's called marketing, you have to get the word out and build and gage interesting in the product especially on a new product you want it to have a successful launch but you've been doing this for 18+ years and know all the senior members of all the major brands so you already knew that, I'm actually surprised you didn't know about the 72 coming out long before they announced it.  


...... an no I haven't had my coffee this morning yet either....  ;)

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