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Suntek's new 72" rolls

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Seems like Suntek are 1st to the ball and have launched their new 72" rolls, although not available until January though.


Should help with those wide bonnets!

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roughly 95 width 80 long, most have stripes down the middle which means you can still complete a full hood and hide the seems along the vinyl, my point was just that some bonnets are just so ludicrously large you'd need a 84 inch roll to complete them. 

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On 11/1/2018 at 3:51 AM, Aden said:

12 inches bigger than the previous largest roll yet 8 inches too short for a viper hood, riperino 

Some people are never happy...:nope:nope


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I'm hearing this will be released early January.  Can't wait to get my hands on some....


Got a call the other day for a F12 right after Suntek announced the 72 and I was like "you're in luck"....   lol  



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Don't expect too much from the 72" film right out of the gate. We will also have the 72" web available in our PremiumShield Elite SH;  also in late January 2019. We just didn't see the need to market it at SEMA in November when we knew we were at least 3 months away from having any stock :) 


This film is not made by Suntek (Eastman). The raw polyurethane is available to all adhesive coaters, and as such, I am sure they will all have some form of the 72" film available early next year. It will not be exclusive to any one brand.


I say don't expect too much, because this film is very hard to extrude at wide widths. I remember when we went from 48" out to 60" with the old VentureShield and it was not pretty! Lots of lines in the raw film as well as extrusion bands at the edges. I expect similar growing pains with the 72" wide material. The problem here is that this wide film will most likely be used on massive full hood applications where quality is critical! Also, most likely on very expensive vehicles where there is even more scrutiny. 


We will have more information on availability as we get closer, and will have samples available right after Christmas. If you are interested in a sample, please contact the office and we'll put you on the list.





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Shots fired against Suntek hey, not sure why. Well they did market it at SEMA and they also did installs of it I believe, which one could assume wouldn't be done if there was quality issues.


No one ever said it was exclusive, just that they are first to announce its release as it is a much anticipated size for some. If Premiumshield has quality issues with their 72" rolls then that's their issue, and if you are not expecting much from it then why would you release it, don't release it at all until you are certain the quality is high. I wouldn't be comparing the sub par quality of Ventureshield to the better quality and more forgiving films of today.



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