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Eliminate bubbles with needle

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Hi !


I’m Nico from Auto Detailing Reims in France ,

Here i see guys using needle for eliminate bubbles without peel off film and make lines and dust entry .


Is there a friend wich can make us a little vidéo to show us method?


thanks in advanced 



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We don’t have a video, as we dont recommend this method, but you simply take a diabetic syringe a pierce the side of a bubble, then pull the moisture out with a plunger.  


Ultimately you should focus on the reason you are leaving moisture behind (squeegee technique and constant thorough inspection throughout the installation). 

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No matter how good you are installing the film you will still get a tiny bubble or two around edges and sometimes on angled curves with sharp angles.


Air bubbles do not go away so a tiny syringe can be poked in at a 30-45 degree angle and then just push down with your thumb over the tip of the needle and pull it out. 


If it's a water bubble or water pocket I would let it evaporate over a 24 hour period and usually it's completely gone the next day, but if there's a tiny bit of air in it, the air bubble will reveal itself after the water evaporates and then you can pop it.  


This technique can cause a slight mark to appear but if you do it right it will not be noticeable.  

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