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PPF & IR Curing Lamps

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Anyone tried curing PPF using IR lamps? Please share experiences and if it is recommended or not, will it do any good?


I prefer handheld devices, if there are certain products that you do recommend please let me know.



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I once tried curing the ppf in direct sunlight, won't be doing it again, any fluid bubbles can boil and leave a mark. My advice would be to let it cure naturally in a warm environment.



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We use IR lamps all the time after the installation is complete. With complete I mean all edges down as the should be, and the car completely clean.

No water drops / marks or gel residu should be on any part of the car or film.


set the IR on a save distance @ 60degrees celcious 20 minutes is just fine. You will see the film respond in a really positive way. Also possible squeggee marks will dissapear. 


GL trying!



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