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Theory of targeting and squeegee

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On 12/1/2018 at 12:49 PM, BigExpress said:

Do you feel a gasket wizard would allow me to do clean, bottom-load installs without pulling panels?

I've used the Gasket Wizard, there's a new product like the Gasket Wizard but better called the EZ-Tint tool and you can get it on the Xpel website.

If i can't simply pull the top of door panel back and pull the rubber out easily, i use the EZ-Tint tool. But it's all bottom loading. If you'tr going to top load you only need one of the short gasket wizard pieces.


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added youtube link for EZ-Tint

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2 minutes ago, BigExpress said:

2nd update:


I had to do another 2010 Avenger, and I pulled the panel and gaskets. OMFG. Why was I ever against this? Super easy. Screw not pulling gaskets. I don't think I'm ever gonna screw around with tucking ever again.

Glad you came around. It's not always the easiest method but it works well for me. 

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I would be careful about taking everything Ralph does and says to heart...He is what my grandmother would have called a "snake oil salesman." You would do much better if you stick to all of the fine folks here on this site. As a collective we have the experience and knowledge to help you, and we don't have to make a snappy video to do it. 

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