Does anybody know what this is

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Llumars PLatinum Plus was real popular down here, back then anyway. ( high school age kids in the 90’s) 


then Madico came out with theirs called Cool Chrome, ended up being much easier to use than PP, but never caught on as much! It just wasn’t as mirrored as the PP.

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On 10/12/2018 at 11:23 AM, Bubbles said:

I bought some tint on let go to practice with. I think its suntek although not sure what it is. I bought 2 rolls 80 bucks 40 by around 100 each. The other one is smoke about 35 percent. I just dont what this one is. To me it looks cool. 



Given the reflection, I believe it could be Suntek's Spectra Grey PS

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Johnsons Executive series 15% ?? I still have and use on select cars with customers that like that look, few and in between anymore. very good film though still have customers cars I did 5/10 years ago and looks great.

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