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Wax before installing XPEL

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Putting film on a waxed car makes it easier to squeegee out bubbles, easier to lift the film for debris, and removal years later is much easier...especially full hoods.  Just don't put wax in the door cups or areas where stretched film has to drop down like the hood scoops on a Mustang.

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(Long time lurker but 1st time poster here!)


I quite often use Meguiars Ultimate detailer on areas of the panel that won’t need a hard tack but as already mentioned - keep it away from areas that would need a good bite such as edges and valleys where the film would have a tendency to spring up. As Speed says, squeegeeing bubbles out etc is much easier and it can almost help turn XPEL into a more forgiving film to install like Suntek is. 

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20 hours ago, Midtown Houston said:

I use to do that until i found the secret soap...i might start to sell it...rarely any water left behide from this soap...so I must say, the soap in your slip matter.

Come on man. Let the cat out of the bag!


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It is actually a soap no one will every buy.... Was being stupid one day and decided to use this soap and when I came back the next day, I was like there no water for me to needle out.  So kept on trying it and was really surprise....For over 12 yrs I finally found it.... So I call the company that make it and they willing to sell me 5 gallon of it so I might repackage it and sell it.  I am alway here to help anyone, but this is MONEY IN DA BANK.... email me at Norngllc@gmail.com to get sample...

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