Opinion on these scratches after getting window tinted

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I just don't think it matters. That dude carved that car up no way he could've not known what happened. I've watched experienced guys cut though get done and guess what, scratches. Not to the extent of these but yes very faint still will catch a nail scratches

 Bottom line if you're cutting on cars still today you're scratching the glass, whether you notice it or would like to admit it :twocents


Also going this yesterday on a 2000 era mustang where the cut the matrix.



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The curved cuts are the most damning, there's no other reason you would have (or somehow get) those specific contour following cuts other than to cut tint film just beyond the glass. 

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:sorry You found an inexperienced tint guy.
As noted by many others the damage was 100% by the person who cut the film on on the glass .


Send the installer a link to Tintdude.


He can learn things here how to avoid cutting  directly on the glass.......

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I got my windows tinted on my 2018 Honda Accord Sport 3 days ago and it has been raining the last couple days so today i decide to check to see if there’s any bubbles and I realize there are some minor bubbles but I also find some scratches on the outside of my windows. I’m assuming the tint guy placed the tint over the window and while cutting the shape of the window the razor went through and scratched my actual glass. Can i get some opinions amd thoughts on this please. I have had 1 car tinted prior to this and never experienced this and this guy was recommened by a friend so I decided to give him a try. 
Unfortunately it was the tinter who caused it. I do accords all day long and Ive noticed the glass on these cars sratch very easily. Sorry to hear

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