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Minimizing Material Waste

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Hello everyone, I wanted to know how everyone minimizes their material waste when not using cutter plotters.


The brands I use offer only 60" rolls whether PPF or Vinyl and I usually find it challenging to minimize material waste that comes in the form of excess material that is mostly 24" wide. Hoods and trunks are usually 60" wide so are no problem. Sides (rear/front fenders and doors including frames) are 36" wide and these are the longest. Whenever I cut sides, I get excess material that I use for bumpers but the problem is that 90% of the vehicles I've been wrapping lately have 30" bumpers and I'm stuck with excess 24" material from sides that I am unable to deplete. I spoke to different wrappers across the world and I learned several tailored cutting techniques that helped me minimize the waste but I'm certain there is further optimization.


Any ideas if there is a software that can help me do this or if there any techniques anyone would like to share?



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I've never heard of such a thing as only offering 60" rolls!?


You can purchase a slitter, but that could be somewhat expensive if you aren't doing a lot of volume.

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I would be looking for different brands, all the top films offer a range of sizes or their own slitting services. What brands are you using?



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May depend where he is located. I know some of the distributors here for brands new to the market (new here anyway) only offer 60" rolls e.g Stek & Avery.  They are obviously distributors that arent too aware of the needs of the installer or are just offering a limited range until they can gauge its popularity.

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Take those 60" rolls and cut them into 36" x 50ft and 24" x 50ft.  Short cut would be using a band saw but ideally you would want a professional slitter so that you have a clean edge when you cut. You could also cut them in half so you have 2(30"x50ft) so you now have some different sizes. I concur with Jeff and respond that only offering 60" is very limiting for you. 

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