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reflective film on the exterior surface of the outside glass provides effective protection against radiant exposures

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Some interesting facts in an article published by Fire Safe Marin in this article:

"Depending on the type of glass, a window that is exposed to flames may break after only 1 to 3 minutes of exposure to intense heat or flames and allow flames and embers inside."




Another must read for about wildfire and glass is found it this article about a firefighter who lost his life in the cab of his truck and also a bulldozer operator. Both after windows shattered.

"As hot air entered the cab of Dozer 2, the operator repositioned the dozer and parked next to Dozer 3. When Dozer 3’s windows shattered, airborne glass entered the operator’s eyes. Dozer 3 stopped on Buenaventura Boulevard and deployed his fire curtains."



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You know Mike keeps a post it note on his computer of members who say disparaging things about the above mentioned company!

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