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Just to mention, i keep this in my tool bag or on my cart to dispose of all my spent blades safely. I have cats so i re-use these. Was never a fan of breaking my blades on the floor or even in the garbage pale. Just FYI in case you're a safe but cheap f'r like me.


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23 hours ago, Diablo's Tint said:

I use the olfa one as well. 


For square blades I just take an old jar and pop a slot on top of the lid like a piggy bank. 

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We are all commercial, so when I'm on the job site, I snap them and stick them in my pouch. Once we are done for the day or two, I dump them from my pouch into the trash bag or barrel. .. it's worked for 30 years so I see no reason to reinvent the wheel. 

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