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Nick the New Guy from Oregon

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Just wanted to say hello...I havent tinted one window yet, but Im going to practice on my 2003 Silverado 2500HD. Passenger and driver side windows. I ordered a 50' roll of tint from Express Window Films, and I ordered up some tools. If Im at all lucky I hope by the time Ive used up the 50' of film that I have a couple windows that look pretty good. LOL...Im wearing out the search feature on this site....There is a LOT of great information on this site.




Medford, OR

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3 minutes ago, Roach said:

Welcome to the forum and the world of tinting. Tons of good info here for you to draw from. :thumb2




Thank you  :)

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Welcome to the site. Only tricky thing on those is cutting that rear edge where it comes mostly out of the window. Some of those seals pull and some are one piece. Good luck.

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