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One-Way Perf VLT question 4 skylight extreme darkening

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I have some pyramidal shaped shaped sky lights to do. The reason I mention the shape is they really get some exposure and by design capture light to send downward to the bellow office space. Customer rejected the 20% Hanita XtraZone as not dark enough.


My goal is to block light to the 5 or 10% range with a 5 year warranty material.

Is 80/20 one way perf a 20% VLT? And does any major manufacture make a 5 year perf?

Otherwise maybe a Whiteout film for an opaque option?


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It is, I forgot to mention, only possible to do an External application so I've not been able to source a darker than 20% external film. I normally use SunTek and Hanita.

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Thanks, I didn't remember that one, but with tax and shipping its pushing nearly three a square. And if the price ain't enough, I need 126 lineal feet of 30.5" width and the only roll size I see Hanita stocking is a 60" which runs $1,400 a piece w/tax.

I can see why the film cost as much as it does though with the following info considered: "XTRM is a new generation of extended-life exterior window films.  Its exceptional durability ensures energy-efficient performance year after year.  In fact, Hanita warrants XTRM exterior films for up to 15 years*!

Developed to tackle commercial projects where a long-term service period is critical to payback, XTRM delivers outstanding levels of heat rejection and UV block, and is compatible with nearly all types of glazing."


I'm considering Vinyl but with the odd triangle shapes these skylights have (triangles and dog house shapes) I'm a little worried about thermal breaks and hesitate to use Black Vinyl. Anyone know how much light the below product allows through?




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Almost positive that the Titan comes in 72”. Don’t have the price list with me at the house but I’ve done quite a few jobs with it and I can’t  imagine I was limited to 60” this whole time. 


Not sure how handy you are but I’ve found that making shade panels for these types of skylights work very well and should outlast any applied film. Just a painted wooden frame with a stretched solar screen material. :twocents 



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Actually they go in smooth. I pre build the panels at the shop and literally just set them on the ledge, add a few screws to hold them together and on the ledge.


Worst part is the ladder setup or if you have to add ledging for the panels. Still haven’t spent more than an hour or so installing one.

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Shame the job has square footage requiring more than a single roll otherwise, I'd do a layer of standard 20% reflective and piggy-back that with a 20% exterior reflective product from Hanita. Seal all edge and done.

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