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2 hours ago, Tint Eastwood said:

Damn Bham, you falling apart. :sorry 


I’m sure you can relate. :feelingold 


Years of working with the body, not desk work, plus the extracurricular stuff that hasn’t been good for the body.  All of this is catching up.  


and as far as me busting , that was me being dumb trying to play dodge kickball with the kids.  Kicked and missed. Boom, down I went.  :lol 

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Con air, been looking something to replace cheers all day :lol


Got new countertops in this week, just hooked all the plumbing up. Went from a double to a single sink as well. Hooked everything back up including the old garbage disposal, no leaks :woot2 dishwasher drain hooked to the plumbing before now straight to the garbage disposal. Went to open the dishwasher and forgot the knock out plug that I didn't have to remove before :lol


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