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This is what a 120 plus $$$$ ford flasher relay looks like guys :facepalm moms shit the bed 2 from a junkyard for 5$ :ford 




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15 hours ago, Bham said:

Just gonna drop this here.  You admins can put it where you think it needs to be.   :reading


3M seems to be going thru some major chit, they're weighed down with litigation across multiple states especially regarding deadly pollution with PFAS that 3M was aware of how bad it was for decades and intentionally hid the info while the PFAS are indestructible to the environment (do a search on "3M the forever chemicals"). That stuff is in everything, ScotchGard, Teflon cooking coating, gore-text stuff, microwave popcorn bags, stuff we've all used at some point had this deadly PFAS in it, it can be found in 99% of the populations blood, even found in the blood of polar bears. 

With big big companies i always assume you only hear about what they get caught for.

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That stuff is in everything

Everything has a downside to it in life. Don't want your food to stick? Use this solution. Gotta have your popcorn in 90 seconds... Here you go.

I haven't heard of that stuff... But I don't doubt it's not good for us.

Take a survey... See how many people are willing to be 'healthier' by giving up convenience.

We really really need a big reset button...

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