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18’ Callaway Edition Silverado

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I took in a full PPF wrap on a $100k Silverado thinking my current software had the patterns, come to find out, they don’t 😡. So I’m having to bulk install the whole thing. I’ve gotten it all done, but saving the worst for last: the hood. It’s got more curves than Selma Hayek 😳.  Any ideas. I’ve got a steamer. I’m running close on film, so I’ve got one shot at it. 

This is the hood. Except it’s black 😩


When he scheduled it, I was so stoked to do a Callaway Silverado, I forgot to ask what color it was 😞🔫


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And the dips in the hood are a lot deeper than what it looks like in the pic. I’m thinking start in the middle, get the rest of the wrap done, then steam the inserts, but then I have to worry about water running back under the front. Or, I could tack the middle down, work to the sides, dealing with each insert one at a time, then working the whole front afterwards??

all help appreciated. What’s bad is 2-3 years ago I did PPF all day every day. Now I just do it once in a while and you know how that goes. 

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it's hard to tell the angle of the drop offs on the hood, but it looks like youre going to want to seem it at the top of those ridges.  I don't like seaming things, but when there is a defined body line to hide it on, sometimes the juice isn't worth the squeezee on a hood like this.



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I have never done one so I am just stating how I "think" I would go about it from the picture. I would start from the center and lay the film with out any stretch trying to work the film flat as I move outward. I wouldn't put any stretch on the film until I got to the flatter area around the edge. I know this will have a lot of fingers to work out but I don't think you could stretch the film and get it to stay down in the valleys that deep.One shot on a hod like that sucks. I would have a roll over nighted so you have a chance to redo it if you need to. 


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