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PPF Spit Juice
Everyone and anyone having a hard time with ppf, I got the solution.....It is the soap in your slip.... I got the secret sauce for all you ppf guys. This soap will leave no trace of water be-hide. Ever had to go back a few hour to next day needing out water bubble, it is mostly because of the soap. The soap in your slip matter. This soap want to leave from under the ppf leaving nothing be-hide. For some of you that don’t have this problem, congratulations …..You should still try it. The soap cost is .25-.50 CENTS per vehicle installed. Hell I even made it better with a pump so you don’t even have to have a measuring device…..can’t get better than that.
* No more wax or detailer spray needed
* No more messy gel to clean up from the vehicle and floor
* No more water bubble to needle out
* No measure device or cup needed
$12 for 16oz bottle plus $10 shipping.
$20 for 32oz bottle plus $10 shipping.

Paypal me @ and includes your shipping address, contact info, and email…..SHIP FAST


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