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Reflective Blackout Film

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Customer wants us to install a blackout film on exterior facing glass (large insulated, but tempered) that is relatively reflective.  Have warned them about potential breakage and that they are on their own if it happens.


Any suggestions for relatively reflective blackout?



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4 hours ago, TomTint said:

The chances that you break a piece of tempered with black out..is slim to none..and Slim just left town. 


Don't recall it ever happening.  But I always cover myself.


The thing that gets me about breakage is sometimes the ones you least expect are the ones to break.  Remember a house years ago with dh windows we installed 3M Neutral 50 on.  Not large windows and not a high absorbing film but we had like 3 breaks out of 20 panels done.  Must've been pretty poor glass.



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Tempered glass is made by firing the glass to the mouton point, ( basically liquid ) then cooled. You will never, ever get the glass that hot with any film application. If it ever broke, it would not be due to a external application of any window film. 

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