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Digitalizing material pattern

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I need and info. We need to make a template for a special car (one off). We need to know which material we can use in order to create a pattern. Off corse we cannot use regular PPF to create the pattern.  (too expensive). I saw some video on youtube, do you know which material is that (pic) ? Looks like PPF but lighter



Schermata 2019-02-13 alle 16.34.54.png

Schermata 2019-02-13 alle 16.35.08.png

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23 hours ago, Matteo said:



I need and info.


XPEL also offers steeply discounted b-grade materials for projects like these.  Just fill out the form here and your regional rep will be in contact with details.



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Go to walmart and buy some drop cloth in the paint section, it's like a clear garbage bag material.  Use it to trace out your patter and take that template and put it over the PPF and cut it out. Should cost you all of $3 dollars.  



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